Bike Safety


 Spring is here and it’s time to get outdoors and have fun-safely!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half a million people  each year are treated in emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride.  With the correct equipment and knowledge of safety and traffic rules, cycling is a fun way to get fit while saving the environment.

  • The International Bicycle Fund explains what to look for when purchasing a bicycle.
  • Wearing a helmet is essential and it’s New York State law.
  • The Mayo Clinic illustrates the proper way to fit and wear a helmet.
  • The International Bicycle Fund has produced a pamphlet with information regarding how to buy one and find the right fit.

Is this the year that you have to teach your child how to ride a bike?  Bike New York, a non-profit organization based in New York City, has produced a short video showing parents how to teach their children how to ride safely.

The League of American Bicyclists has prepared a pamphlet to help parents teach their children how to ride.

What are you waiting for? Grab a reusable bottle of water, put on the sunscreen,get outside and enjoy a ride.

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