Aspirin and Clot Prevention

Results from a new study indicate that aspirin’s ability to prevent potentially deadly blood clots may be hindered by elevated levels of fatty acids in the bloodstream. 

According to Reuters Health News: Aspirin cuts heart attacks, not deaths or strokes.

For more information regarding aspirin and heart attacks:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has produced a handout : Talk With Your Health Care Provider About Taking Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks.  This handout includes information such as: how does aspirin help prevent heart attacks, risks of heart attacks, benefits and risks of taking aspirin, should you take aspirin and questions to ask your provider.  AHRQ has also produced What You Need To Know: Taking Aspirin to Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

MedlinePlus also has information regarding heart disease and aspirin.

New York Access to Health has also compiled links to information regarding aspirin and heart health.

Before beginning an aspirin regime always check with your health care provider.

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