Sun Safety

It was beautiful outside today-big fluffy clouds, a cool breeze, birds singing.  You get the picture.  On my lunch break I decided to take my book and a beverage and read outside.  I’m careful about my eyes and always (well almost always) have my sunglasses.  I donned them and began to read.  The cloud cover was keeping me cool, and then the clouds began to move (as they are apt to do) and the sun began to beat down upon me.  I sat debating how long my fair skin could handle the sun knowing full well that without sunscreen I really needed to get leaf blowercovered quickly.  Lucky for me a landscaper began to blow detritus in my direction (insert very upset librarian face here.)  Walking away from my bench I wondered why I always subject myself to that first sunburn of the year before I start protecting my skin.

Protecting ones self from harmful sun exposure should be a year round, but we tend to only think about sun safety when the weather gets warm.  May has been designated Melanoma Awareness month to spread the word that skin cancer is a growing threat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has produced a quick sheet with tips designed to protect you and your loved ones that will let you get outside and enjoy the day safely.

The National Cancer Institute has produced information regarding protecting yourself from the sun, how to do a skin self-examination, how to talk to your doctor about concerns, and other information about your skin, the sun, and cancer.

MedlinePlus offers information and links to authoritative information about Sun Exposure.

Don’t wait for that first burn. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

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