Home Safety

 June is Home Safety Month

Home Safety Month is a perfect time to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency. Planning ahead can keep you and your family safe if a flood, fire, flu pandemic, terrorist attack, or other public health emergency strikes.

Take these steps to prepare for an emergency:

  • Do a walk-through of your home. Check your smoke alarms, child safety locks, and first aid supplies.
  • Get an emergency supply kit.
  • Make a family emergency plan.
  • Stay informed.

This is also a good time to take time to evaluate the safety of your “everyday home.” The Home Safety Council has launched its new, interactive home injury prevention teaching tool, MySafeHome.net. The Web site invites visitors into a virtual home, identifying major risk areas, room-by-room, indoors and out, and presents key safety devices and preparedness plans.  The Home Safety Council is a resource for information regarding keeping all age groups safe.  You can find information about fire, pool, spa, home heating, poison and more.

Exposure to radon in the home is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Learn the facts about radon, and get quick tips.  You can also get information about Radon from the EPA.

For those with loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s disease the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institute on Aging ADEAR Center has produced a pamphlet Home Safety for People with Alzheimer’s DiseaseThis publication covers topics such as Is it Safe to Leave the Person with Alzheimer’s Disease Alone?, Home Safety Room by Room, Special Occasions/Gatherings/Holidays.

Do you own a pool or spa?  Is there a pool on your block or in your neighborhood? Do you visit friends or family who own a pool?  One child lost to drowning is one child too many.  Poolsafely.gov is loaded with information.

Take a few hours to make your home safe.  It’s a worthwhile endeavor.

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