Happy Father’s Day- Take Time to Be a Dad Today

According to Fatherhood.gov, “Fatherlessness is a growing crisis in America, one that undergirds many of the challenges that families are facing. When dads aren’t around, young people are more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, be involved in the criminal justice system, and become young parents themselves.”

President Obama has begun an initiative to try to address the issue of fatherlessness in the United States. 

Visit Fatherhood.gov for tips & activities, Dad Talk Blog,  information about the fatherhood pledge, and more.  My personal favorite is the tip for the week – read together.  As a librarian I highly recommend that!

Need a suggestion for a family friendly activity for Father’s Day?

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is proud to support the White House Fatherhood Initiative, an important effort to promote responsible fatherhood and strong communities.  Visiting the AZA-accredited aquarium or zoo near you is a great way for dads to connect with their kids all year round and especially on Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day, AZA has assembled a list of discounts and special events at aquariums and zoos around the United States to make it easier than ever for dads to take their kids out for a great day of learning, fun and togetherness. Check out local zoo’s that are discounting admission for Father’s Day.

For information regarding Men’s Health Month see June is Men’s Health Month.

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