Take Charge of Your Health

No one is better suited to care for your health than you!  Take charge of your health, be your own health advocate. By taking an active part in your own health care, you will be doing your part to ensure that you will live a  long, happy, and healthy life.

There is so much information available the following is just a small sample of the tools and information that can empower you to be your own health advocate.  If you need more information stop in and talk to a Health Reference librarian.

The Surgeon General’s “My Family Health Portrait” is an internet-based tool that makes it easy for you to record your family health history. Your family health history can help your health care practitioner provide better care for you. It can help identify whether you have higher risk for some diseases. It can help your health care practitioner recommend actions for reducing your personal risk of disease. And it can help in looking for early warning signs of disease.

 Having a list of all your medicines in one place also helps your doctor, pharmacist, hospital, or other healthcare workers take better care of you. Visit SafeMedication.com this is a service of American Society of Health-System Pharmacists My Medicine List.

Health.gov is a portal provided by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services the provides a wide range of information regarding health and wellness topics such as nutrition and fitness, Everyday Health and Wellness, Pregnancy, For Parents, Heart Health, and Public Health and Safety.

A guide for teens from the National Institutes of Health. This booklet is designed to help teenagers maintain a healthy weight through simple, small steps. The booklet provides basic facts about nutrition and physical activity, and offers practical tools that teenagers can use in everyday life.

It’s also very important to have an open dialogue with your health care provider concerning any alternative medicines or therapies that might interact with medications or make them less effective.  For more information see my post on the Time to Talk Campaign.

Health Reference books that may be useful

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