When your head hurts all you want to do is feel better.  You wake up in the morning with your head nailed to the pillow. You lie there with your eyes closed tight wishing that at any moment the pain would just magically disappear, but it never does.  The cause might be migraine, tension, depression, allergies, or the remainder of a wild night, but that doesn’t matter to you.  All you want is for the pain to go.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke “The most common type of headache is a tension headache. Tension headaches are due to tight muscles in your shoulders, neck, scalp and jaw. They are often related to stress, depression or anxiety. You are more likely to get tension headaches if you work too much, don’t get enough sleep, miss meals or use alcohol.

Other common types of headaches include migraines, cluster headaches and sinus headaches. Most people can feel much better by making lifestyle changes, learning ways to relax and taking pain relievers.

Headaches can have many causes, but serious causes of headaches are rare. Sometimes headaches warn of a more serious disorder. Let your health care provider know if you have sudden, severe headaches. Get medical help right away if you have a headache after a blow to your head, or if you have a headache along with a stiff neck, fever, confusion, loss of consciousness or pain in the eye or ear.”

Visit MedlinePlus for comprehensive information about headaches, overviews, symptoms/diagnosis, alternative therapy, nutrition, questions to bring to your healthcare provider, and more. There are even a links to health check tools.

You will also find a wealth of information from New York Online Access to Health – Headache.  This site offers links to authoritative health information such as what is a headache, diet therapy, types of headaches, care and treatment, and more.

Visit the National Headache Foundation for support, find a physician, information on “talking with your doctor,” or search their resources.

women’shealth.gov has a fact sheet for migraine sufferer’s.

Search mayoclinic.com for information regarding headaches in children, migraine, daily cluster, rebound, sinus, and tension.

We’re wishing you a headache free day.

posted by – Susan, Health Reference Services

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