Football Season is Here

I love football.  I was a proud mother watching my boys play football in youth leagues and high school.  Standing on the sidelines and rooting them on during a game was exhilarating, but also worrisome.  There was always that fear that, because of the violent nature of the game, it was almost inevitable that there would be injuries (and there were). But what I feared the most was a head injury. This was all brought back to me after the headline in the New York Times “College Athlete Died of Head Trauma, Father Says”

For those of you with children playing football, or any sport, concussions and head injuries should be a real concern for parents and coaches.  The Centers for Disease Control has put together CDC’s youth sports tool kit teaches coaches, athletes, and parents to play it safe when it comes to concussions.

Concussion: Learn to Prevent & Recognize Concussions

There is also a copy of Kids, Sports, and Concussion:  A Guide for Coaches and Parents (617.481 M) available in the Health Collection.

Play hard, but be safe.

posted by – Susan, Health Reference Services

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