In the News – Panel Recommends Pap Smear Tests Every Three Years, Not Yearly

The   U.S. Preventive Services Task Force,  the same group that recently recommended against routine prostate cancer tests for healthy men, has recommended that women be screened every three years instead of the current recommendation of every year.  The reasoning behind this new recommendation – ““If you test every year you find a lot of benign infections that would go away on their own,” said Philip Castle of the American Society for Clinical Pathology. “You end up overscreening, overmanaging and overtreating women who are not actually at risk of getting cervical cancer.”

Read the New York Times article.

For information regarding pap smears visit, the National Cancer Institute, and Medlineplus.

As always read this information and check with your health care provider for a personalized recommendation.

posted by – Susan, Health Reference Services

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