Dealing with Grief

With the happiness of the holidays it’s easy to forget those who are dealing with loss.  According to SAMHSA “grief is a normal response of sorrow, emotion, and confusion that comes from losing someone or something important to you.”  Grief is a normal response to death, divorce, job loss, a move away from family and friends, or the loss of good health due to illness.

With permission granted from DK publishing FEMA provides valuable information regarding bereavement and loss.  The author Trevor Powell discusses the stages of grief, facing the pain, and coming to terms with your grief. The information is worthwhile and doesn’t require a great deal of time or energy to understand.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) has put together a fact sheet “How to Deal With Grief.”    You will find answers to What is Grief?, How does grief feel?  How long does grief last?  What if these feelings won’t go away? and places to go to find help.

MedlinePlus has information and links for comprehensive and valuable information for all ages on the grief process and finding help.

Visit the Syosset Public Library Health Reference Center on the third floor for more information.

Recommended reading:

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