World AIDS Day – 2011

Today is World AIDS Day. “Getting to Zero” AIDS deaths is the goal of World AIDS Day.

The first cases of AIDS were reported 30 years ago, but the battle against AIDS continues.  According to the CDC “Every 9 1/2 minutes someone in the U.S. is infected with HIV.” To find HIV Test Centers near you Text: Your Zip Code To: KnowIt (566948)

Visit for HIV/AIDS Basics: HIV/AIDS 101, HIV/AIDS Prevention, information for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, information for staying healthy with HIV/AIDS, and you can also find HIV testing centers near you.

For comprehensive information regarding HIV/AIDS visit MedlinePlus.  You will find overviews, news, diagnosis/symptoms information, prevention/screening, videos, statistics, financial issues, research and so much more.

posted by – Susan, Health Reference Services

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