Eye Changes as We Age

Have you noticed the print in your reading material has gotten smaller? I’ve been dealing with minor changes in my vision for quite a while.  I have to wear a pair of glasses when I’m working on the computer, and a different pair when I’m reading.  Well, I just got a new, terriffic, book for the holidays and I’m having trouble with the size of the text.  Have publishers decided to make the text smaller to save money, or do I need a change in my prescription?  I know, I know publishers aren’t out to make my reading more difficult.  I do need to increase my prescription.  It’s a difficult adjustment for a woman who until two years ago never had to wear glasses and was proud of being 20/20.  Now when I mention to people that I have to wear glasses they tilt their heads, smile and say ever so gently “It’s to be expected when we get to a certain age.”  I wanted to know why.  So I said to myself “You’re a librarian look it up!”

The National Institutes of Health has produced “Your Aging Eyes How You See As Time Goes By.”   “About the age of 40, eyesight weakens, and at around 60, cataracts and macular degeneration may develop.”  Ah the wonders of being middle-aged! Your Aging Eyes does discuss vision changes as we age, but also gives important information regarding cataracts and glaucoma.

Back to reading (after I get out of work that is.)

Interested in my new book?  Vincent van Gogh: The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith.  I’m only 5 chapters in but loving the intimate portrait of one of my favorite artists.



posted by – Susan, Health Reference Services

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