Keeping your Skin Healthy in the Winter

It’s a beautiful morning.  Time to get up and start your day.  Set up the coffee maker, and the start your morning with a long hot shower.  You step out and dry off, throw on a fluffy robe, and pour that first cup of coffee and…whoops begin to itch. Long, hot showers may feel wonderful and relaxing, but they can be terrible for troubled, itchy skin, drying it out even further. During the long winter it’s important to take better care of your skin, because the combination of freezing temperatures and dry indoor heat can draw the moisture out of the skin.


American Academy of Dermatologists

Northwestern University


Don’t forget that even in the winter the sun can damage your skin.  The Skin Cancer Foundation has prepared important information for snowboarders and skiers (and the rest of us.)

posted by  – Susan, Health Reference Services

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