Mother’s Day

This coming Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day.  She’s always looked out for you.  The CDC has “Eight Ways to Help Make Mother’s Day Healthy.”

Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day, and the start of National Women’s Health Week. National Women’s Health Week (May 13-19) encourages women to make their health a priority and take simple steps to live a safer and healthier life. Here’s part of their list of a few ways to make Mother’s Day a special day of health.

  • Offer to change the batteries in the smoke alarms. Make sure she’s taking steps to prevent fires.
  • Help her get prepared for spring and summer storms.
  • Get her a fabulous spring hat for sun protection against skin cancer.
  • If she’s a senior, help reduce her risk for falls by making her home safer.
  • Learn together the common symptoms of a heart attack and what to do in case of one. Make the Call. Don’t Miss a Beat.
  • Take care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and not smoking – mom’s worry you know!

Make sure to include these tips in your daily life, so if mom resists, your response can be “It’s easy… Let’s do it together.”

posted by – Susan, Health Reference Services

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