New Titles Added to the Health Reference Collection

Understanding Your Pacemaker or defibrillator by David L. Hayes, Md, Rebecca S. Fallon, and Matthew D. Noble.

Implantable cardiac devices are life-saving tools that have been in use for decades. But when you or a loved one has been advised to get a pacemaker, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), or cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) device, where do you turn for practical information about what life with your device will be like? The fact is that no single source provides patients and their families with the real-life information they need and want. Until now. – (from the book jacket.)


Angst: Origins of Anxiety and Depression by Jeffrey P. Kahn, MD

psychiatrist Jeffrey Kahn reveals that angst ultimately results from our transformation, over tens of thousands of years, from biologically shaped, almost herd-like prehistoric tribes, to rational and independent individuals in modern civilization. Kahn looks at five basic types of modern-day angst–Panic Anxiety, Social Anxiety, OCD, Atypical Depression, and Melancholic Depression–and shows how each derives from primeval social instincts that once helped our ancestors survive. For instance, the “panic disorder” which prevents some people from flying may have originally evolved to keep our tribal ancestors from traveling dangerously far from home. Likewise, the increased emotional sensitivity to social rejection that now triggers episodes of “atypical depression” may have helped maintain polite behavior and social harmony in our ancestors. Our distinctly human civilization and rational consciousness lets us defy these social instincts. But those over-ridden instincts can resurface as stressful emotional disorders. Kahn notes that some of us painfully tackle this distress head-on, in ways that can advance intellectual creativity, social performance and productivity. He also describes the interplay of instinct with the advance of civilization, and on how evolutionary perspective explains why modern treatments work.

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posted by – Susan, Health Reference Librarian

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