Generic Lipitor Recall

Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc., a major maker of generic Lipitor, has issued a massive recall of the cholesterol-cutting tablets (atorvastatin calcium), which may be contaminated with tiny glass shards.

Please read the press release for information regarding affected lots.

Information from Ranbaxy

1.Which atorvastatin products are affected by the recall? 

•The recall includes 41 lots of Ranbaxy label/ manufactured atorvastatin 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg tablets that were dispensed between September 25, 2012 and November 15, 2012. It does not include the 80 mg tablets.

•The product is a white colored tablet and can be identified by the imprint RX12 on 10 mg tablets, RX828 on 20 mg tablets and RX829 on 40 mg tablets.

2.What do I need to know? 

•Based on the current evaluation, the probability of an adverse effect due to consumption of this product is remote.

•You should NOT discontinue taking your atorvastatin without direct guidance from your doctor.

3.See Press Release for complete list of affected lots. How do I identify the lot number?

•If you have an original Ranbaxy bottle, the lot number (7 digit number) can be found on the side of the bottle.

•If you have a pharmacy dispensed container, your pharmacy may be able to provide you with the lot number.

posted by – Susan, Health Reference Librarian

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