Today is National Kick Butts Day!

MP900178822[1]No it’s not what you’re thinking (or perhaps it is.)

National Kick Butts Day is a national day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up and seize control against Big Tobacco.”

This blog is non-political. Our mission is to educate to encourage everyone to live healthier lives and to help empower our readers to become their own health advocate.

If you know someone who had lung cancer, emphysema, lip or throat cancer or any of the other negative effects of smoking this issue should be very important to you.

If you’re a teen and are thinking of starting to smoke – please don’t, but if you won’t take my advice read more about it at Teens Health.

If you’re a teen and want to quit there’s helpful advice from Teens Health.

If you smoke, why not make today the day you “Kick Butts”?

For help quitting visit

posted by – Susan, Health Reference

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