Suck on Your Child’s Pacifier and Cut Their Risk for Allergies

Baby with PacifierIt’s a parents dirty little secret. Have you ever done this?  Your baby is sucking on his pacifier (binky, etc.) and it falls to the ground.  You quickly look at it as it rests on the floor or in the dirt knowing that you don’t have anything to clean it.  You assess the risk of meltdown and before you know it you’ve swooped down, retrieved it and throw caution into the wind and put the nipple in your mouth to clean it before the tears flow.

Well, a study released today in the journal Pediatrics, Pacifier Cleaning Practices and Risk of Allergy Development,” may allay any of your lingering regrets. 

According to the study

  • Parents who suck on their child’s pacifier to clean it may be inadvertently reducing that child’s risk of developing allergies.
  • Note that the findings suggest that the transfer of oral microbes from the parent to the infant could be responsible for modifying the allergy risk, and the make-up of the bacteria in the infants’ saliva distinguished between those with parents who did and did not suck on their child’s pacifier.

Follow this link above to read the entire article, or for a more consumer oriented approach visit New York Times Well Blog.

Now you can finally sleep knowing that not only did you not harm your child you might have actually prevented allergies.

What a relief!

posted by – Susan, Health Reference


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