Artificial Sweeteners

ISugar was asked recently about artificial sweeteners.  A patron heard from a friend, who heard from someone who…

I won’t repeat the rumor here because I won’t add fuel to the fire.  What I will do is give you the facts as they stand right now.

The health benefits and risks of sugar substitutes have been studied by scientists and vilified by lay people for years.

The Mayo Clinic  has created a helpful fact sheet that describes possible health benefits and risks of using sugar substitutes.  Please read the entire fact sheet, but the editors recommend moderation.

“Moderation is key with sugar substitutes:  When choosing sugar substitutes, it pays to be a savvy consumer. Get informed and look beyond the hype. While artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes may help with weight management, they aren’t a magic bullet and should be used only in moderation.

Just because a food is marketed as sugar-free doesn’t mean it’s free of calories. If you eat too many sugar-free foods, you can still gain weight if they have other ingredients that contain calories. And remember that processed foods, which often contain sugar substitutes, generally don’t offer the same health benefits as do whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.” provides helpful information regarding Sugar Substitutes: What you need to know.

A more scientific article “Sugar substitutes: Health controversy over perceived benefits.”

Not certain what to think please consult with a trusted health professional, and don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

For information on well know hoaxes visit it’s “reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.”

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