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Effects of Lack of Sleep and Exercise on Teens

We as parents are used to being warned to watch out for the warning signs that our teens might be abusing drugs and alcohol as well as the negative effects these substances might have on their mental health.  A new … Continue reading

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Daylight Saving Time and Health

Spring ahead – fall back.  It’s something we deal with twice a year.  If you’re like me “fall back” and gain an hour of sleep is much more easy to deal with than losing that much-needed hour in the spring.  Now medical … Continue reading

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Stress and the Heart

It’s important to take care of your heart, but we’re all so busy where do we start? There are steps we can all take – in terms of nutrition, physical activity, weight management, stress management, and stopping smoking (or never … Continue reading

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Keeping your Skin Healthy in the Winter

It’s a beautiful morning.  Time to get up and start your day.  Set up the coffee maker, and the start your morning with a long hot shower.  You step out and dry off, throw on a fluffy robe, and pour that first … Continue reading

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Whooping Cough on Long Island

According to news reports there has been an outbreak of whooping-cough in Suffolk County, Long Island.  As of the end of November more than 200 cases in both children and adults had been reported. What is whooping-cough (pertussis)? Definition from the U.S. … Continue reading

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